Wednesday, March 12, 2014


When we are faced with a challenge that puzzles us at the core of our soul the only place we can go is spirit. At the highest and toughest point of our challenge we want somebody or anybody that can make it all go away. This is like trying to catch dust in the wind.  After realizing that it’s nearly impossible to catch the dust in the wind we immediately have to go back to spirit.  As soon as we go back to spirit we try the same thing with spirit as we do with people. Only we cry out louder!  Then we enter this period were we want all the questions to be answered and all the problems to be solved.

After this period takes place we realize we have to be still!

It’s only when we be still, calm, and serene that we realize spirit begins to give us answers and solve problems.

Imagine you I at this moment we are watching a baby learn to walk. We both know that the baby is going to fall and get bumps and bruises, but we’ll both be anxious to catch the baby as she is getting ready to fall.  Deep down within us we know that true love celebrates the rise in the fall. And being that we know in rising one must fall, we’ll begin to see clearly that our challenges come as new crawling stages in order to grow. Without them we’d be stuck in a phase of infancy.

I remember this particular time I was doing some late night reading under my lamp and I dropped my pen. The only place I wanted to look was where I was comfortable looking, and that was under the light. It was then I realized that in order for me to find my pen I would have to stretch a bit more and go into the darkness.

During our greatest challenges we must force ourselves to seek out in the dark although we know in the light is where we are most comfortable an often rely on. But all answers are in the darkness before they come to light.

If we can remember that darkness always cycles to the light we’ll begin to see our challenges as assignments for growth and not random chance or bad fate. Only then will we experience the full joy of crawling, walking, running, and someday flying.

Your Challenges are but mere Delusions……………… Your Solutions in Disguise

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