Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Why do we feel so disconnected from life?

I am convinced the reason many of us feel distant from life is because we are not in tune with our natural side. So many of us have put aside our natural gifts unconsciously allowing life to live us and you and I not live life. I am convinced that this is the reason that the world is in such suffering.

I believe if we invest in our natural gifts and quit taking them to the grave, we will see a fundamental shift in the world at a rate that would inspire God.

Inspire GOD?? Yes Inspire GOD!!

People that fight for their free will doing their best to take control of their life inspire God.  

Another reason I believe people inspire God is because we were not made to be robots. And being that we are not made to be robots, our duty is to give value to the world while surpassing the thought of our predecessors creating a far better world than ever imagined before.

It is said that we are not born to work for a living, but to live our making, and living our making will make our living.

I believe this is why many of us feel so disconnected from life, there are millions of us are working to live… instead of living to work. I think we have got so caught up in competition that we forget to create.

We have become so dependent on old systems that we forget to take care and control our own system or build new ones. It’s almost mind-boggling when you think how undeniably we put our dreams, thoughts, ideas, and life on hold today… just to get by!

Where have we gone and where are we going?

Nothing is wrong with working…but how about working on ourselves just as much as we are working on our jobs. How about we start developing ourselves investing in the things we love, enjoy and secretly think about.

I believe the greatest sin in life is to neglect or avoid the talents and gifts that were handed over to us at our conception. 

I think this is why we feel so disconnected from life and find ourselves fading in and out of everyday absentminded. It’s because we are not on purpose!

When we are on purpose we’ll begin to live the life that we see fit.

We’ll have to travel the oceans of our heart, and the seas of our mind, and search the deepest water for the treasure we’ll find, that the sky up above and the ship below have a greater connection than what we’ve been told.

May we never forget what our predecessors taught, but investigate what we’ve been sold. Lets us not fix our path with numbers, but the truths that inspire the soul. Let us build an entire new legacy and a sweeter philosophy disconnecting ourselves from this mental monopoly.

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
                      -Herman Melville

Lets get back to humanity…connect yourself with those who…...

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