Monday, February 24, 2014

Live Now

The great paradox...

One of the greatest paradoxes in life is the things we pay for we value and the things we don't pay for we devalue. Our homes, our cars, our jewelry, our possessions are what many of us seem to value, but our minds and our bodies came with us as standard equipment and free of charge. No money or expense involved. I often wonder…what if we had to pay for our bodies, our mind, our heart, our fingers, and our eyes? This would cause a dramatic shift in the way we live. I believe this would not only make us more human, but more appreciative as a whole. When you look at all the things that were handed over to us at our conception…its mind blowing when you think of the amazing equipment we've been endowed with. Lets start valuing the things that money can't buy and we'll then begin to really live.

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